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Surprise!!! State Department Can’t Find Emails of Hillary’s IT Specialist


The Obama legacy should be lost emails.  Every time a new corruption probe of the Obama caliphate occurs, the first casualty is the emails.  The IRS scandal is a perfect example.  Mysteriously, all of Lois Lerner’s emails were lost when her computer crashed.  Then it was discovered that her emails were sitting in a warehouse on back up tapes.  Then John  Koskinen (Who in my opinion should be occupying a cell at Fort Leavenworth) announced that all of the back up tapes were wiped clean, even though there were multiple court and congressional subpoenas for their preservation.

Now, we are in the middle of the State Department email scandal, revolving around the private Clinton server and the latest revelation from State is that they cannot find emails to and from Bryan Pagliano, the IT man who set up Hillary’s private server.  They cannot find any of his emails from the time he worked for the State Department under Hillary but they do have emails from his work as a contractor after Hillary left the State Department.

The State Department says:

“The Department has searched for Mr. Pagliano’s email pst file and has not located one that covers the time period of Secretary Clinton’s tenure.”

“To be clear, the Department does have records related to Mr. Pagliano and we are working with Congress and [Freedom of Information Act] requesters to provide relevant material. The Department has located a pst from Mr. Pagliano’s recent work at the Department as a contractor, but the files are from after Secretary Clinton left the Department.”

This would lead me to believe that Pagliano had an account on the Hillary server and that it has been wiped clean.  The State Department has found a small amount of his emails, presumably gleaned from the email accounts of some of the people he corresponded with.  When you couple this information with the fact that he has taken the fifth with investigators before accepting immunity, makes me believe there is much he knows that neither he nor Hillary wants revealed.

Pagliano was obligated to turn in all emails accumulated during his employment at the State Department under Hillary.  Evidently he didn’t.

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