• November 27, 2021

Swiss Butcher Goes to Jail For Selling Pork….Guess Why


A Swiss butcher has gotten himself into trouble for selling pork in his shop.  For this, he will be spending the next six months in a prison cell.  No, selling pork isn’t illegal in Switzerland.  What is illegal is to spend three years selling pork to Muslims and telling them it’s Halal.  During those three years, he sold over 6,000 pounds of pork with some of it being bought by Muslims.  He didn’t do it on religious or moral grounds, he just wanted to make a ton of money selling pork at beef prices.

An inspector was at the shop one day when he realized a lot of the meat he was seeing didn’t appear to be beef.  He followed his hunch and sure enough it wasn’t.  Once they had the proof the unnamed butcher was indicted and found guilty in a court of law for  “fraud and misrepresentation”.  Besides the six months in prison, the butcher has been ordered to pay a fine of $18,000.

The prosecutor pointed out during the trial that:

“If customers had known it was pork, they would not have bought it because Islam forbids the consumption of this type of meat.”


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