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Tactical 12 Gauge: Molot Vepr…Awesome!

The Vepr 12 manufactured at the Molot Oruzhie factory in Russia is a semi-automatic, box-fed magazine, 12-gauge shotgun that will rip, snort and tear through targets like a beast.


There is nothing subtle about the Vepr 12. It was designed for self-defense, hunting, 3-Gun competitions, and any situation where you need to shoot and reload a 12-gauge shotgun fast. In this sense the Vepr speaks in volumes.

As of February of 2016 the FIME Group in Las Vegas has a long-term, exclusive agreement with Molot. But not so fast. Russian-imported semi-automatic shotguns in the U.S. are as rare as Cuban-made cigars.

“FIME imports the Vepr 12 shotguns, then to pass 922r compliance,” said Harry Pakhanyan of the FIME Group, “some Russian components are replaced with U.S. parts to make it compliant.”


That is why you can get a fully functional folding stock in lieu of a welded open, fixed stock like in the past. The Vepr shotgun is based on the RPK weapon design, which is a lightweight machine gun with similar characters as the AK-47.

Basically, the RPK and Vepr are AKs on steroids with beefed up trunnion blocks and receivers. “The Vepr is one of the toughest and most rigid systems in use with militaries around the world, and the Vepr 12 for the U.S. commercial market is no different,” adds Pakhanyan.

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