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Target Transgender Who Filmed Young Woman Sentenced to 2-5 Years [VIDEO]

Target Stores have become the favorite of perverts all across the country since they started allowing grown men to pee with little girls.  Idaho police were called to a Target store earlier this year after a transgender woman was caught taking pictures of an 18 year old woman in the changing rooms, where by Target policy, he had every right to go.  He was found guilty and has now been sentenced to prison, where he will serve 2-5 years in the state penitentiary.


The woman caught him and confronted him but he ran out of the store.  Police were able to find him by examining the surveillance video and questioning witnesses.

From The Daily Caller:

Idaho police arrested Smith in July the day after he was spotted taking cell phone photos of a girl get changed. The victim confronted him, only to have Smith flee the store. Authorities managed to track him down by using security footage and witness interviews. 

Target announced in April its policy to allow transgenders to use the bathrooms and changing rooms that correspond with their gender identity.

The victim begged District Judge Joel Tingey to impose the maximum sentence at Smith’s hearing. She maintained she still suffers from long-term “emotional mutilation” and has had to undergo counseling after the incident.

“It’s kind of a far-fetched cliché,” the victim said. “I never thought this would happen. I always supported the transgender community, but I felt a little betrayed.”


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