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TBS (CNN) Reporter Tries to Manufacture Fake News, Gets Exposed

A conservative blogger was sitting at a press table at CPAC when a young man asked him if he had solitaire on his computer.  The blogger, Peter Injemi of Da Tech Guy blog who said his computer probably came with the game.  The young man with a TBS press pass asked him to bring the game up so they could get a shot of him playing it while President Trump was speaking.  Injemi immediately refused and admonished him for being dishonest and untrustworthy.


TBS does not have a news division but their parent company does.  Maybe you’ve heard of it but judging by their ratings, you have never seen it, CNN.  TBS does have a political propaganda show called “Full Frontal With Samantha B Goebbels” er I mean Samantha Bee.  A reporter with the Daily Caller checked with CPAC organizers and discovered that a press pass for the Samantha Bee program for TBS was indeed issued and picked up.

This on the same day that a liberal troll brought little Russian flags with Trump written on them.  He and little comrades were waving then so fake news reporter Peter Hamsby.  Hamsby obviously in my opinion was intentionally posting fake news, because it was pointed out to him multiple times that the flag man was a democrat operative, Ryan Clayton who works for Bob Creamer.  You might remember Creamer from the Wikileaks releases and from Project Veritas recordings.  He illegally coordinated with Hillary Clinton and her campaign in organizing dirty tricks.



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