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“Killing Animals Is Not What We Do”: Teacher Humiliates Girl For Killing a Deer [VIDEO]

A nine year old girl arrived at school with a t-shirt that contained a picture of her and a deer she had shot on the first day of the season.


Domonique Yatsko, wore the shirt proudly, until she was set upon by a fascist teacher, Hanna Copa, who disapproves of hunting and therefore believes she has the right to bully a nine year old child.

After the teacher bullied her, the rest of the kids in the class began bullying her, too.

From The Gateway Pundit:

As Vicki has previously urged, to have any hope of combating the malignant leftism which is entrenched in much of the public educational system, and to have any success in deterring public school employees from bullying children who are raised in conservative households, conservatives need to “name names” — to publicly identify, and castigate, the offenders.

The name of the bullying teacher at Hinkley Elementary in Hinkley Township, Ohio, is Hanna Copa.

When Domonique showed up at school wearing her sweatshirt, proud of bagging a buck in her very first day of deer hunting, Ms. Copa reportedly shamed the girl, causing students at the school to ridicule her, telling the girl: “killing animals is not what we do.”

After being ridiculed for her sweatshirt, Domonique threw it in the trash when she returned home.

Neither Ms. Copa nor the principal, James Carpenter, apologized for this bullying of a young girl for having engaged in a legal recreational activity, even after Domonique’s mother, Heidi, pressed the matter. The principal’s defense? “We don’t have dead animals in school.”

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