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Teacher Who Compared Trump to Hitler is Suspended For Safety of Students



Mountain View High School Principal Dave Grissom suspended the teacher who compared Trump to Hitler.  The teacher says it’s all a misunderstanding.  Frank Navarro says that he only pointed out similarities between the two and that it really he wasn’t comparing.

He says he did make comparisons about how the two rose to prominence and lead their respective nations, including rhetoric about deporting foreigners and restoring greatness to the country. 

‘I think it makes sense. It’s factual, it’s evidence-based. It reminds students that history is real,’ Navarro said.

But the school officials said given the climate following the election, the lesson was inappropriate.

Nope.  No comparing at all.  Navarro is now suspended with pay “for the safety of the children.”  They must think a group of conservativess go after him at school.  It’s not conservatives rioting in NYC, LA, Portland, Philadelphia or Boston.

From The Mail Online:

Officials said they would wrap up an investigation into the claims soon.  

After The Oracle, the student newspaper, wrote about the suspension, outraged parents and students began saying Navarro should not have been suspended.

‘Emails started flowing in to the principal late that night,’ Navarro told the paper. 

The petition, which seeks to have an apology made to Navarro and his suspension lifted, received more than 7,600 signatures as of Sunday afternoon.

Navarro’s daughter posted on the petition, furious about the situation her father had been placed in. 

‘What Mountain View High School has done to my father is wrong. Discussing the connection between Trump and Hitler is important and relevant to history and the painful situation we are in now in this country,’ she wrote. 

She added that her father was set to retire in June and that the school will be losing a beloved teacher.  


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