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Teachers Use Middle School Students To Push Liberal Agenda

It seems like every day I think I’ve seen just how low the left can go, just for me to walk away amazed at low they’ve stooped AGAIN. In my latest installment, I bring to you this Denver middle’s school latest attempt to use the children of immigrants against President Trump. I wonder if they came here legally or not?

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Middle school students tweet to Trump about immigration for class project

A group of Denver middle school students — who are the sons and daughters of immigrants — are learning about President Donald Trump and his immigration policies at school.

As part of a class project, the students learned how to communicate with Trump about immigration on his favored platform — Twitter.

According to Chalkbeat, a nonprofit news organization that covers education, sixth and seventh graders at Bruce Randolph School in northeast Denver have been learning about immigrants in the U.S., President Donald Trump’s election and how to use Twitter.

The project first started, according to Chalkbeat, when administrators at Bruce Randolph planned to attend a conference in Washington, D.C., this month and meet with members of Colorado’s congressional delegation. Teachers were then challenged to come up with classroom projects for the administrators to take with them to the nation’s capitol.

Teacher Mandy Rees told Chalkbeat that she thought the best way to communicate with Trump would be through his preferred medium — Twitter.

Students spent Monday and Tuesday constructing draft messages about immigration. Then on Wednesday, the newly created Twitter account for the classroom, @BRSELD, began to tweet the messages in support of immigrants.

Rees told Chalkbeat that the point of the project was to remind students that, “You’re important, your voice matters and it doesn’t feel like that right now.” However, she said the assignment also helped the students — the majority of whom are English language learners — with reading and writing.

Rees also said students were told to keep the tweets positive.

According to Chalkbeat, some of the sixth- and seventh-grade students are reading English at just the second- or first-grade level. Many of Rees’ students’ parents or relatives are also undocumented.

Student Sebastian Soto told Chalkbeat that Trump’s comments on immigration leaves him angry.

“My dad, he builds houses. My mom, she cleans and cares for us,” he said.

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