• June 28, 2022

Ted Cruz Went LIVE And Made A Liberal Reporter Totally…

It seems that Ted Cruz is busy making amends for his slip of the tongue when he called Trump supporters at the Capitol “terrorists.”

I will give Cruz the benefit of the doubt considering how many times he has stood against the leftist agenda. You all reminded me of that in the many comments so, I will let my Puerto Rican temper cool, and let bygones be bygones.

Cruz is showing the people who’ve trusted him his actions, not just empty words.

Recently, Ted crushed the FBI with his words, when he grilled them mercilessly over January 6th. Ted wanted to know who Ray Epps was, if he was an FBU informant, and how many informants were at the Capitol that day.


It was a very eye-opening exchange, to say the least.


Not bad, right?

Well, if you thought that he was done, you would be wrong.

Now, I am about to date myself with this reference, but eh, that’s ok.

Cruz just recently opened up one of the biggest and best cans of whoop a** on an unsuspecting liberal reporter, complete with fist-pounding.

Ted was infuriated when the reporter asked the group of GOP Senators why they weren’t wearing masks.

Um, good question….NOT!


Ted went postal at that point and said all the things I would have said myself to someone who would have asked me this too.

Cruz fired back at the libtard why they didn’t ask Joe Biden or Jen Psaki the same question when they stand behind a podium day after day unmasked?


He then called the reporter a “hypocrite” and advised them that the American people can see exactly what is going on.

Oh yes, Ted, we sure can.

You can watch the video below:

Here are comments from folks online:

“He’s overly passionate, but he isn’t wrong.”

“Ted trying to make up for his verbal screw ups, publicly.”


“Love it.”

“Looks like patience has its limits on hypocrisy…but hypocrisy has no limits.”

“Have you noticed how Ted cruz is trying really hard to show he’s against the establishment? Ever since his last “bad choice of words” thanks to Tucker holding him accountable Ted finally grew a pair maybe that’s what these GOP politicians need let’s call them all out”

“Complying with literal psychopath’s neurotic demands leads to those questions. Stop complying.”


I like to see Ted fired up. This is how all GOP politicians need to be acting right now.


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