• May 24, 2024

Teen Orders Custom Trump T-Shirts, Finds Nasty Surprise On The Inside

After deciding to get himself a custom shirt, a teen boy from California didn’t think there was a problem with asking for the word “Trump” to be branded on it. Unfortunately, things would take a turn as soon as he got home – and that’s when he saw the nasty surprise an employee left for him on the inside of the shirt.

Although the boy’s name is currently unknown, a YouTuber under the username EmperorTrumpeter2016 has posted a video documenting his unusual experience. As he explains, he swung by Bang-On T-Shirts in San Francisco for a custom shirt – but things didn’t exactly go according to plan.


According to the teen, he ordered a shirt with just the word “Trump” branded across the front. After selecting the colors and font to be used, the teen paid and waited for about 15 minutes for his shirt to be finished.

Although things had gone off without a hitch up until that point – outside of a few odd looks – things were about to take a nasty turn. As he approached the counter to pick up his new merchandise, he was greeted by a seemingly irritated employee who said, “I hope you had a nice laugh,” before handing over the bagged t-shirt.

Confused by the remarks, the boy eventually made his way home but noticed that the employee had left him quite a nasty surprise on the inside of the shirt. With the outside reading “Trump” just as he had ordered, you can imagine his surprise to see the words “F*ck you,” on the inside.

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