• June 21, 2024

Teen Who Knocked Out Blind Kid Speaks Out & What He Said Is Aggravating

A California teenager captured on video punching a fellow student who appeared to be attacking his visually-impaired friend spoke out about the incident Friday.

The video shot Wednesday shows a teenager appearing to attack another student who police say is visually-impaired. Cody Pines then knocks the alleged attacker to the ground and can be heard asking why he was “hitting a blind kid.”

“He’s my friend and I know his problems and that’s what made me so mad,” Pines said of the visually-impaired student. “He was picking on a kid that doesn’t need to be picked on.”

The alleged attacker didn’t return calls from ABC News. He tweeted about the incident, writing, “I never knew the kid was blind he came up to me and tried to fight me so I fought him now [sic] Have 8 stitches in me ear I hope everyone is happy.”

He also said he apologized. Huntington Beach police said Thursday he was charged with misdemeanor battery and released to his parents.

Pines, 17, said Friday the alleged attacker also apologized to him at school.

“It’s not worth it,” said Pines. “[If] you’re bullying a real person, you’re ruining their life. You need to think about that.”

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