• June 30, 2022

Tennessee Man Converts to Islam, Shoots Up 3 Christian Churches


Pam Geller reported that a man who was arrested had converted to Islam, something the press overlooked…….on purpose:

A suspect in last week’s wave of gruesome church shootings in Shelbyville, Tennessee church buildings was arrested over the weekend. Muslim convert Wendell Buchanan was arrested Saturday afternoon shortly after he was seen driving by Horse Mountain Church of Christ on Horse Mountain Road, which was hit on at least three separate occasions by gunfire. Buchanan allegedly fired into two other churches — Philippi Methodist Church and Singleton United Methodist Church — the University of Tennessee Extension office and shot out several Charter Communications cable boxes during overnight hours Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. What the media is not reporting is the suspect is a Muslim convert.

This is what where we are in the war on freedom. The elites have surrendered.

And here is an entry from the Facebook page of Wendell Tobias Buchanan:




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