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Liberal Tennessee Teacher Fired After Calling For Violence Against Trump Supporters

Liberals have a hard time winning at the ballot box but they used to use the courts to gain victories, but now they have turned to violence.   A substitute teacher in Tennessee has found out that liberal logic comes with a heavy price.  He is banned from teaching in the  Rutherford County schools in Tennessee  and other districts are likely to follow suit.


One of his postings simply says:

“The only good Trump supporter is a dead Trump supporter.”


A second threatening post says:

“I spent a lot of time today thinking about the state of this mess. There are huge numbers of people that are upset, mad, angry, (pretty much every negative word), but what I have not seen is a plan. Everyone is looking for leadership to start this off, but there is no one carrying the banner. Without that we will all settle in to becoming angry hateful people and there will be no solutions. So, where do we go from here? Rallies and demonstrations are pretty much futile, since the lunatics just laugh at us knowing we haven’t the guts to stand up and take the actions needed. Writing and complaining falls on deaf ears. Not until the first shot is fired will the recovery begin.”

At a time when a young child can be suspended from school for having a Pop Tart shaped like a gun, a jerk like this should lose his teacher’s certification altogether.  We don’t need people like David Colin teaching our children.

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