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Germany Hit With Third Terror Attack in 24 Hours…50 People Affected

A German train was the scene of a tear gas attack just as it was about to pull into a station in Hamburg, with 50 people affected by the gas including a three year old girl.  Paramedics were on the scene to help the afflicted.  meanwhile, German police have worked up a profile.  The two attackers were Swedish nuns who were radicalized by Pope Francis.  Well, not really but they did rule out Islamic extremism within 60 seconds of hearing about the attack.

At 6:55 pm Friday evening passengers on a train in Hamburg on the S-Bahn line 11 were subjected to a tear gas attack by two young men affecting 50 including a three-year-old girl. Paramedics and police arrived on the scene to treat the passengers of the train for various ailments including respiratory injured German paper Bild reports.

The attack occurred just before the train reached Sternschanze station in the centre of Hamburg and upon arriving all passengers fled into the station to escape the gas.

tear gas

From Breitbart:

The Hamburg metro system also saw an attack on a woman earlier this year when a Morrocan migrant pushed her onto the train tracks of the subway. The 34-year-old woman was pushed by the 16-year-old and was knocked out due to the fall from the platform. Before the attack CCTV footage revealed the 16-year-old attempted to rob the woman.  

The attack also follows a 24 hour period which has seen an axe attack on a train and at the main railway station in Dusseldorf and a machete attack that injured an 80year-old man in Dusseldorf earlier on Friday.  

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