• April 19, 2024

Texas Counties STOP Giving Birth Certificates to Babies of Illegals – Mexico Issues WARNING

Mexico is furious at Texas and is warning that the “relationship” will sour between the two if the Lone Star state refuses to issue birth certificates to children born of illegal parents.

Boo freaking hoo.

America sends billions in “aid” to Mexico, illegal alien workers who take American jobs send a staggering $28 billion home to Mexico every year, and our jobs keep being sent across the border, Ford and Nabisco most recently.
You would think the Mexicans would have a lot of nerve to whine about anything, when as Donald Trump has said “they’re kicking our butts.”

But it’s still not enough. Mexico wants to keep exporting its poorest and least skilled citizens across the border so we can continue to act as their outsourced welfare program — with Barack Obama acting as their cheerleader.

And we are sick and tired of it, and some Texas counties are taking action.

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