• December 10, 2023

Texas Has Had ENOUGH, Says They Are OUT!

If there is one thing that I know about my friends in Texas it is that you don’t want to push them around because they certainly are not going to take it.

They are the type of folks that have absolutely no problem telling you exactly what they think of you if they know that you are wrong.

It is something that has given them such an independent spirit because they know that if they really want to, they can just pack up and form their own country again. You see, the people of Texas have ways that they can get this sort of thing done.

Is secession is on the horizon? Yes. Texas State Representative Kyle Biedermann has filed Texas HB1359, the Texas Independence Referendum Act. Biedermann announced that the circulation of a petition for the bill, first announced in December reached 12,000 signatures this week and the bill has been filed. He’s hoping to reach 20,000 signatures soon.

Events since the massive irregularities and allegations of fraud on Election day 2020 have cascaded leading to this point. These events culminated in the Capitol breach of January 6th, the failure of Congress to object to the Electoral College votes and the Supreme Court’s controversial dismissal of Texas v. Georgia, Washington, Minnesota and Pennsylvania due to lack of “standing”.

Many view this initiative as Texas’ final recourse, as every other legal avenue to petition the federal government for redress of the Texan peoples’ grievances have failed or been ignored.

#TEXIT Referendum NOT a Repeat of 1861

In December Biedermann explained that his referendum doesn’t hearken to the secession of Texas to the Confederacy in 1861 but is more akin to #Brexit. Furthermore, this is not a “Secession Bill” but a referendum calling for all Texans to vote on the state’s status and vision for the future.

“First of all, this doesn’t mean that Texas will leave the union if this bill is passed. This is a referendum for the people of Texas to be able to make their voices heard, that whether they do or do not want to assert their authority to become a nation.”

“And if that happens, if this passes, then the next step will happen. So it’s a step by step, very similar to what happened in Great Britain. When they had the people vote for Brexit, and then it took many years after that for the government to be able to work things out with the European Union. So it would be the same thing here with this bill.”

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