• August 11, 2022

Texas Muslim Pre-School Teacher Fired for Saying “Kill Some Jews”

An anti-Semite pre-school teacher is out of a job after being fired for postings on social media calling for the killing of Jews.  She’s a Muslim and a liberal, so how was she supposed to know that killing Jews is a bad thing?

Nancy Salem, a Muslim school teacher was exposed as being part of a Nazi like group at the University of Texas Arlington,  Students for Justice in Palestine.  A look at her social media account turned up a tweet wishing a friend good luck and hoping she kills some Jews.



From The Washington Times:

Ms. Salem was among 24 anti-Israel activists at the University of Texas, Arlington exposed by watchdog group Canary Mission for expressing anti-Semitism on social media, The Algemeiner reported.

The Children’s Courtyard released a statement Wednesday saying Ms. Salem was no longer employed at the school.“Providing a safe, nurturing and inclusive learning environment is of the utmost importance to us,” the statement said. “The offensive comments certainly don’t reflect our views. Our employees are expected to uphold certain standards of personal and professional conduct. Our senior leadership thoroughly investigated this matter. This person no longer works for our company.”

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