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Texas Just Send A BIG Message To The Left & They Are Furious!

Since the pandemic began last year, many states have shut down all forms of life in their cities and towns to “keep everyone safe”, However, as the pandemic has dragged on many governors in red states are finally lifting draconian measures in their neck of the woods and saying enough is enough. Of course, liberals across the country in red and blue states are appalled at these actions and are praying that those in red states such as Florida and Texas suffer the consequences.

Despite the negative speak from those tolerant leftists, citizens in those red states are out and about enjoying life to the fullest, and Texas showed that in an epic way last night.

In a baseball game last evening, the stadium was filled to the brim with eager fans excited to cheer on the Texas Rangers, sending a clear message that they are done with this foolishness.

This image is a sight for sore eyes after a year of sports events canceled due to the plandemic.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott objected to MLB’s political blackmail, as his own state recently passed such a law, while stating he refused to throw out the first pitch.

Many Americans are rooting for the Texas baseball game to be a “superspreader” event:

But they are bound to be disappointed. Texas and Florida continue to perform as well or better than heavily locked-down states like New York and New Jersey. This is how Texas has fared since it dropped the mask mandate.

The left had no problems with massive BLM/Antifa riots all summer, but they hate seeing people gather for a baseball game.

It tells you everything you need to know about today’s deranged left, who hate nothing more than to see Americans enjoy their freedom.

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