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Texas Teacher Breaks Off Engagement For Affair With a Student



Alaina Danielle Ferguson, 23, an algebra teacher in Texas has been arrested for molesting a 16 year old student multiple times on a park bench, in the back of his pick up and in her apartment.  Ferguson, who was engaged at the time she started her affair with the student, broke it off after sleeping with the teen.  Ferguson supplied the alcohol the two would use playing beer pong that would then turn into a sex session.

The two got together after the student wrote his Instagram name on a test paper he turned in.  Once they began seeing each other, Ferguson would send him nude Instagrams.  Their affair lasted from September to November.  Ferguson had left the school in October but she and the student had sex in the back of his pickup after a football game.

From The Mail Online:

Ferguson allegedly contacted him after he left his Snapchat username on a test paper, Fox 4 reported.

That happened September, just after the beginning of the school year, and quickly led to the pair having sex on a park bench in Lewisville, the arrest affidavit said.

The pair continued their illicit affair both on and off-line, with Ferguson sending nude selfies to the teen and providing the alcohol for games of beer pong that would turn into sex sessions, authorities say.

At one point she allegedly had sex with him in her McKinney apartment while her fiancé was out of town.

The pair had sex ‘several’ more times in the apartment, police said.

Ferguson ‘knew it was not the right thing to do, but it felt right at the time,’ according to the officer who wrote the arrest warrant. 

He added that ‘she was going to break it off with her fiancé because she didn’t feel anything with him.’


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