• August 12, 2022

That Must Be Some Strong material in Nina Agdal’s Bikini [VIDEO and SLIDESHOW]

Nina Agdal seems to prefer bikinis that she is a nano second from bursting out of.  The video you will be seeing in a minute is a prime example of that.  I have included a slideshow that includes some of her best bikini pictures for your entertainment.

 Once again, Nina Agdal was the star of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue this year and it was partly due to the scanty swimsuits she wore for her photo shoots.

Sports Illustrated released a behind-the-scenes video from one of her shoots down in Mexico for this year’s magazine and her bikini could barely handle her body.

“This is not even the tiniest suit I’ve worn! This is actually a lot of fabric, believe it or not,” the beautiful blonde can be heard saying in the video. “Going to go change into something even smaller!” (PHOTOS: We Haven’t Seen Nina Agdal Like This In A While)

She wasn’t joking either. In one of her photos for Sports Illustrated this year, Nina is wearing nothing but jewels in place of her bikini bottom.

And, of course, she was also photographed topless several times throughout her photo shoots on the beach.

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