• May 17, 2022

The 6 Female Glee Stars, Exposed With Leaked Private Photos

What’s worse than suffering a public nip slip as a celebrity? Having your private, nude pictures leak for the entire world to see. Sadly, some Glee stars know what it’s like to deal with both mortifying occurrences.

Back in 2014, someone gained access to numerous celebrities’ iCloud accounts and subsequently revealed hundreds of extremely NSFW shots the stars had saved. While many models were the victims of the leak, a good amount of actresses from the Glee cast were also affected by the leak. While some spoke out about the disgusting invasion of privacy, others chose to stay quiet and let the situation blow over as quickly as possible. Here are all the Glee stars who had their nude pictures leaked for prying eyes to see:


glee-stars-nude-pictures-leaked-lea-micheleLea Michele

Although Lea never spoke out about the supposed nude pictures of her that came out during the 2014 celebrity iCloud leak, the tattoos of the subject in question match hers, making fans almost positive they’re legit. Also, one of the photos shows her face, so all signs are pointing to the fact that they were ARE her nudes.

Photo: WENN

glee-stars-nude-pictures-leaked-becca-tobinBecca Tobin

Unlike Lea, Becca owned up to the NSFW pictures that came out during ‘The Fappening.’ “Merry XXXmas,” the actress wrote after the nude pictures, which very clearly showed her face, came out. Although she kinda joked about the leak, she was still obviously (and rightfully) upset that her privacy was invaded.

Photo: WENN

glee-stars-nude-pictures-leaked-melissa-benoistMelissa Benoist

Add Melissa to the list of Glee stars who were affected by 2014’s celeb iCloud hack. But even though Lea and Becca’s private pics were obviously NSFW, they were nothing compared to this actress’. Not only did the 27-year-old appear completely nude, but she was also seen having sex with her ex-boyfriend, Nick Vorderman. In repose to the hack, Melissa simply tweeted, “incivility should not be supported,” along with a link to a speech about not buying into click bait.

Photo: WENN

glee-stars-nude-pictures-leaked-heather-morrisHeather Morris

About two years before ‘The Fappening’ was a thing, this Glee star dealt with an equally horrible invasion of privacy when her cell phone was hacked and nude pictures hit the Internet. The leak not only showed Heather’s personal pics from the Glee set, but also shots of her without one shred of clothing on, seductively posing for the camera.

Photo: WENN

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