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The Canadian Government Will Give You 2 Acres of Land and a Job to Move Here

Canada has long offered incentives in order to draw settlers to the more remote locations in order to develop settlement.  They are now offering another giveaway to get people to move to Cape Breton, on the eastern side of Nova Scotia, Canada.


Cape Breton is offering new residents something that may be too good to pass up. If you want to move to the town of Cape Breton, you will be provided with two acres of land and a brand new job. Just keep in mind that you must be authorized to legally work in Canada. And if you aren’t, don’t fret…

Anyone willing to move to the town will be provided with a job and 2 acres of land to live on. However, it’s important to note that foreign workers cannot apply for the job since Cape Breton is not qualified for the Foreign Worker Program. It can only take people who are legally authorized to work in Canada. Canadian law states that you need only two documents to get employed there. One is an invitation from a Canadian employer which must be approved by the Ministry of Employment and Social Development of Canada and the other is a work permit that is issued after obtaining a temporary visa. Not too bad, for a piece of land and a guaranteed job, right?


From AWM:

In addition to the beautiful landscape and views that Cape Breton has to offer, the island has everything you need including a robust farmers market called The Farmer’s Daughter Country Market, which is a bakery and general store in one. There are plenty of places for children including clubs and activities and the environment is crisp and clean and full of possibility.

While the population is 150,000, they are looking to increase that number and have recently placed an ad on Facebook, presenting the idea of land and a job to interested applicants.

The picturesque island is complete with everything you need for your family’s living needs including a church, a football field, schools and a beautiful mountainside for many outdoor activities year round.

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