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The Crowd Went Crazy When Melania Did This in Florida [VIDEO]

Melania Trump has already proven herself to be much more popular with voters than the previous First Lady.  They hang onto her every word and she gets oohs and aahs ever her choice in outfits, whereas the previous First Lady had many outstanding warrants from the fashion police.


On Saturday, she appeared with her husband in Melbourne , Florida for a rally and she once again proved why she has been such an asset to President Trump.  Just like during the campaign, people stood in long lines for a chance to see and hear President Trump.

What they got from Melania was icing on the cake.  Liberals in the press disparage her because she wasn’t born in the United States.  The funny thing is that Melania loves the United States but her predecessor who was born here hates it.  Today, she recited the Lord’s prayer and the crowd went berserk.  (I imagine the liberals did too for an entirely different reason)









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