• September 24, 2023

The Dodgers Ploy To Win Back Christian Fans Is Absolutely Sickening…

How long before they change their minds about this?

After pulling a brazenly obvious ruse that you’d expect from a 5-year-old, not a baseball franchise worth billions, the Los Angeles Dodgers organization, already mired in a downward spiral entirely of its own design, is being put through the wringer once more.

To illustrate, the Dodgers have been embroiled in a humiliating PR situation in which the team has invited, refused to accept, and then again asked an irreverent group of obviously mentally ill cross-dressers known as the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

It’s straightforward to understand why anyone with a conscience felt such animosity toward this pathetic band of heathens:


It doesn’t end with that repulsive, blasphemous exhibition of vulgarity with this “sisterhood.”

It’s difficult to argue that kids (who make up a sizable number of baseball fans) need to be anywhere near that kind of disgusting garbage, even if you are the most ardent atheist in the land.

A loud outcry from the extreme left caused Los Angeles to once again kneel at the multicolored altar of “wokeness” (this time with some weak, “sincerest apologies” groveling thrown in as well) after the Dodgers initially welcomed the group and then logically disinvited it.

The Dodgers’ cowardly act of flip-flopping wasn’t overlooked, and it permanently damaged the team’s reputation with many conservatives and religious people.

The Dodgers utilized star pitcher and professed Christian Clayton Kershaw as a meat shield against Twitter trolls in an obviously coincidental move so they could announce “the relaunch of Christian Faith and Family Day at Dodger Stadium on July 30th.” (It’s important to note that Christian families won’t be acknowledged until June 16; the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will.)


“Excited to announce the relaunch of Christian Faith and Family Day at Dodger Stadium on July 30th,” Kewshaw tweeted out Friday. “More details to come— but we are grateful for the opportunity to talk about Jesus and determined to make it bigger and better than it was before COVID. Hope to see you on July 30th!”

Kershaw never had a chance, poor guy. No criticism of the Dodgers star was as scathing as the one made by right pundit Mike Cernovich about Kershaw, though.

“You sold your soul for this?” Cernovich wrote in a response tweet to Kershaw.

When the Dodgers emerged from hiding, they did not fare much better because their own announcement of the Faith night festivities drew equally harsh criticism.

Particularly, the president of CatholicVote, one of the biggest Catholic lobbying groups in the nation, ripped into the Dodgers’ feeble announcement:

“The @Dodgers’ announcement today is the equivalent of putting a Band-Aid on a gaping wound and in no way diminishes the harm and hurt caused by their plan to honor a vile anti-Catholic organization,” CatholicVote president Brian Burch said in a statement.

“Creating a ‘faith and family’ event does not balance the decision to honor a perverted, fake ‘nun’ group that exists to mock the Catholic religion.

“In many ways, it emphasizes the contrast, and makes our case even stronger.”

It is impossible to overstate how blatant this act is.

“Band-Aid on a gaping wound.” It’s the equivalent of saying the n-word and then having “NAACP Friends and Family Night.”

It’s pitiful, and Brian Burch deserves more praise than can be given for his perfectly articulate attack on the Dodgers.

“It’s hard to interpret this announcement as anything other than a public relations stunt intended to blunt the widespread national backlash that is only growing stronger,” Burch continued in the statement.  “The Dodgers have one path forward: apologize and stop honoring hateful anti-Catholic organizations.”

Given that this isn’t even somewhat of a morally dubious situation, the solution is actually quite straightforward.

But given the way the Dodgers handled this mess at first, you can be sure that Christian family night at Dodger Stadium will be scrapped and reinstated, and then “Satanism Speed Dating Night” will be announced.


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