• July 19, 2024

The #MikeBrown Photos the Media Hasn’t Shown You

Well, it’s Trayvon Martin all over again where the media is concerned. If you recall, these are the two photos that the media kept parading around during the Trayvon/Zimmerman debacle:


The mainstream media and millions on the social media outlets tried their hardest to portray him (Trayvon) as an innocent child who was victimized by a lunatic neighborhood watchman but ultimately, justice prevailed and Zimmerman was acquitted.

Never once did the mainstream media release these photos of Trayvon Martin for all to see:


Those photos weren’t displayed by the mainstream media because they didn’t fit the media narrative anymore than George Zimmerman was a white man as they portrayed him to be.

Once again, the mainstream media and millions on social media are doing the same thing where the whole #MikeBrown incident is concerned.

Once again, they’re rushing to judgement without having been there to see the chain of events unfold, or even waiting for the investigation to be complete.

Once again, they are claiming they want “justice” when what they really want is vengeance, they want blood, and regardless of what the facts are.

Once again, people parade their hypocrisy for all the world to see. It seems that many members of the black community don’t care about black life unless the life was taken by someone who is non-black.


If that wasn’t true people would be protesting every week in Chicago about the black-on-black crime and murders that occur at an alarming rate each year, in a city that’s known to have some of the most stringent gun control laws of any state in the union.

Anyway, without further ado…these are the photos of #MikeBrown that the media continues to show you:


     And THESE are the photos of #MikeBrown that you probably haven’t seen, because they don’t fit the media narrative:




If they happen to be gang-related pictures, they shed a little more light onto the life Michael had…

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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