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The Podesta Group Lost a Yuge Client Because Hillary Lost

The Clinton Foundation isn’t the only big loser following Hillary’s humiliating defeat.  Her campaign chief, John Podesta lost a yuge client they cannot replace.  Alphabet, the parent company of Google has dropped the Podesta Group like a 20 pound horse turd.



Alphabet, who gave the Podesta Group their business in order to have access to President Clinton, waited a safe period then dumped the losers in favor of another company that might help them in the future.  Let’s face it, the Podesta Group lost their most important asset when Hillary lost.  Alphabet had been with the Podesta Brothers for 12 years, beginning when it appeared that Hillary would become the next president and stayed with them after she was named Secretary of State, saw the handwriting on the wall and bailed.

From Breitbart:

The Podesta Group — whose chairman, Tony Podesta, is a major Democratic fundraiser and the brother of Clinton’s former campaign manager — is no longer lobbying on behalf of Google, public disclosures show. The change coincided with Google’s bid to hire someone for “conservative outreach,” according to a December job advertisement.

Veteran lobbyists say it’s not unusual to see such shifts after an election. U.S. companies are responding to a power shift in Washington that put Republicans in charge — but with a president who sometimes departs from party orthodoxy on issues like taxes and trade. President Donald Trump’s practice of calling out companies for cost-overruns on government contracts and decisions to move jobs overseas has also changed the stakes for corporate lobbyists

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