• June 17, 2024

The race of Ferguson Police Officer released…..

Darren Wilon
H/T:  The Black Sphere

I called this within hours of the incident, and that’s because I know Liberals better than their pathetic mothers!

Darren Wilson is the cop who shot Michael Brown, Jr. and Darren Wilson is BLACK!

I predicted this, because if he had been white, this issue would have hit NUCLEAR proportions.

What’s interesting is the background of Darren Wilson is what Wilson’s role was as reported in St. Louis Today:

Minority officers sounded off for more than two hours Wednesday before the police department’s highest-ranking black commanders about issues they believe illustrate racism within the ranks and the need for reform. But those commanders blamed some of the issues on unmotivated officers.

About 30 members of the Ethical Society of Police packed the organization’s office for the special meeting convened to call black commanders to action in the wake of a racist letter sent to a black police officer, presumably by another officer in South Patrol.

The group’s president, Sgt. Darren Wilson, said last week that the racist note was symptomatic of a larger, citywide problem. About a third of the 1,325-member police force is African-American; the city it serves is almost equally divided between black and white residents.

“If you’re treating a police department employee like this, how are we treating our citizens?” Wilson asked.

I’d like to see how black people calling for more black cops try to spin this!

Screenshot of The Blacksphere webpage that the story was originally posted on.
Screenshot of The Blacksphere webpage that the story was originally posted on.

Read more at http://theblacksphere.net/2014/8/ferguson-cop-is-black-plus#GD6YcpiMOOGJegJE.99

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