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The Sign of the Times..Funny Traffic Signs

How often do you see road signs that make you laugh.  When I was young (Over 50 years ago) there was a sign between Amesville and Trimble warning drivers there was a hump in the road.  My mother used to laugh and comment that they should have graded out the hump.


Dad pointed out that the sign and post cost less than 50 bucks but it would cost a lot more to grade it.  He was joking but years later, it was discovered that was the real reason for the sign.  The good news was that my father would speed up and we’d all lose out stomachs and it kept people from speeding.

Here is a compilation of many of these oddball signs, a couple of which I’m certain are photo shopped.


Cows can be dangerous when they are horny

One sign was emblazoned with a warning about how unsafe the road could become when underwater 

I do know this sign exists.  The lower road from Savannah, Ga to Tybee Island, GA has this exact same sign.  During high tide, this road fl

One bizarre sign in a field warned against acts of bestiality - and used a detailed illustration to explicate the point

Cows and Muslims ahead

One ominous sign told drivers to take care when driving in case they encountered any 'surprises'

What?  Does someone jump out and Yell boo?

Forget rocks, in this neck of the woods, you're more likely to see coconuts flying through the airOne shockingly obvious sign gives drivers a warning about how wet the roads get when the heaven's open

Not if it’s raining cats and dogs

In some cases, the sign's meanings were simply lost in translation  

This sign has to be fake.  Did you ever know anyone who ever controlled their farts?

You may be more accustomed to allowing cows to cross the road but in one part of the world you're more likely to make way for penguinsOne hilariously complicated sign wished its motorists good fortune when attempting to navigate a junction

I’ve never seen the sign on the right, but I’m guessing it’s near Boston.  (You have to go there to know what I mean)

One digitally-savvy sign was clearly aware of millennials' obsession with social media and instructed them to cross the road before posting updates on social media  

I’m guessing photo shop

Someone had emblazoned a warning sign with ominous graffiti showing a pair of monster hands

This sign is more than a suggestion

Instead of using expletives, one sign used the picture of a bird to make its point clear

Chickens have a tendency to cross the road and they don’t have turn signals

Another clever sign used the power of illustration to warn drivers from speeding

W + Anchor…Clever

One road sign asked drivers to spare a thought for its local predators when cruising through the streets 

Like hell I will

OAPs were warned to take their false teeth out as they navigated the bumpy roads

A collection of road signs gave drivers little option of where to turn

This has got to be NJ.  The symbol on the back of their commemorative quarter is the orange barrel

Many of the signs around the world warned motorists against threatening animals, such as insects and deerFunny road signs from around the world have been revealed in a hilarious Internet gallery

The first one is a mosquito and the second is a deer trying to get away from a mosquito

This sign suggests you'll have to wait for the next service station before taking a toilet break

Don’t give us no shit man


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