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The Three Coincidences (?) of Hawaiian Judge and Barack Obama

The judge in Hawaii who put a temporary restraining order on Trump’s temporary travel ban from six countries and Barack Obama have a very long history together that could explain why he made a ruling that doesn’t resemble jibe with any laws on the federal books.

U.S District Judge Derrick Kahala Watson and former Muslim in chief attended Harvard Law School together and both graduated in 1991.There is no evidence that Watson was a radical at harvard but considering the school and the students who attend there, it has to be a given.

Then in 2013, Watson was appointed to a federal bench…………by Barack Obama.  But the third coincidence reminds me of the Bill Clinton/Loretta Lynch meeting on the tarmac.  Just a couple of days before Judge Watson was to make the decision on whether to grant a temporary restraing order halting Trump’s Executive Order.

Barack Obama appeared in Hawaii, unaccompanied and unannounced.  Neither he nor his henchman were able to explain why he was there.  But just a couple of days later rendered his idiot5ic and illegal decision.

Silicon Valley has been vehemently critical of Trump’s immigration stance, claiming it restricts the tech industry’s access to talented workers.

Starting to form a picture? When you connect the dots, it’s nearly impossible not to draw a conclusion about Obama’s hand in Watson’s decision.

The Department of Justice backs the President 100 percent on this issue. Watson’s ruling is “flawed both in reasoning and in scope,” said Justice Department spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores. Trump’s executive order “falls squarely within his lawful authority in seeking to protect our nation’s security,” she said, according to NBC News.

Others are also concerned about the reasoning behind Watson’s ruling and the precedent it might set, according to The Guardian.

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