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Teacher Who Pleaded Guilty to Banging 16-Year-Old Student Posts Celebratory Selfie [PHOTO]

She is a Louisiana teacher who admitted to having sex with a student. The boy was 16-years-old at the time.


Shelley Dufresne, who is now 32, was able to secure a plea deal who spared her jail time and does not require her to register as a sex offender.

She ended up pleading guilty to obscenity rather than the original charge of carnal knowledge of a juvenile. Would a male teacher been let off of the hook this easily?

It was thought, for some time, that Dufresne would face three years in prison. After this deal was reached, a judge sentenced the former teacher to 90 days in a mental health facility along with three years probation. Any default on these commitments will bring with it a punishment of 90 days in jail in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana.

What is the most reasonable thing for a person in her position to do? Take to social media of course!

After winning what she appears to believe is the deal of her life, Defresne posted the following picture to Instagram, along with the caption, “my mood today,” followed by three smiley faces.


The post has apparently been removed, most likely at the behest of her lawyer. Who in their right mind gets off this easy then starts publicly celebrating? Any public relations coach would tell her to appear apologetic and penitent, which is clearly not the case with this former educator.

“She needs to be somber. I don’t think this was a joyous day at all,” Destrehan resident Lisa Young told WVUE. “I think for sure she would have had to register as a sex offender.”

Fox 8 legal analyst Joseph Raspanti said these types of plea deals are common.

“I’ve had many clients in this position and I’ve negotiated down to something like this,” Raspanti said. “The main thing is she didn’t want to be someone who had to be a sex offender reporter for the rest of her life. That was the big benefit she got out of this.”

While the 16-year-old says the sex was consensual, Dufresne still has to deal with the problem of having her teaching license revoked. Additionally, Dufresne and another teacher named Rachel Respess are still dealing with accusations of having a threesome with a student elsewhere.


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