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The Was Trap Set & Now There Is Panic In D.C.! [VIDEO]

We all knew that the time would come that the deep state would be dealt a blow that would have them scatter like cockroaches in a garage, and it seems like that time has finally arrived. Over the last several months since the election, those in the elite circles that have been acting as puppet masters of the American people and the world have been doing their very best to destroy Donald Trump.

The deep state is well aware that Trump is not a part of their establishment and actually loves America and what we have always held dear.

Trump has gained such a tremendous following since he speaks for the people and hears the frustration of how the government has been kicking us around for years.

Now, the deep state is in real trouble, and they know it too.

For quite some time, patriots have been investigating the leakers since 2017 and now the information was released to the public, but the New York Times spun the story by using the word seize in its article.

However, this was a by-the-book investigation that followed the rule of law.

Is it a coincidence that the information was released now?

No, the storm is forming.

The Patriots are hitting the deep state from all sides, this is the world’s largest sting operation, they are trapped and there is no way out. The panic is setting in over the audits, and it is quite possible that AG Garland will make sure the post-election audits did not violate any laws.

Zero-day is coming and there is nowhere to hide for these traitors anymore.

Watch the video here:


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