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Here’s The 3 Word Excuse That Just CANCELLED President Trump’s Fourth of July Weekend Rally

It is pretty sad to see us live in a country that was founded on freedom and liberty become the very opposite of itself in a relatively short time.

I have always said that people will squander their freedom since they need someone to always be in charge of them and telling them what to do.

A case in point is President Donald Trump and his administration or at least what it stood for.

Trump was working hard to0 restore our liberties and freedom, but the woke generation couldn’t get past “mean” tweets and lies from the mainstream media to see what good he was doing.

Instead, they rally against someone who stands for tyranny and calls it freedom and since these people are so dumbed down they cannot see it.

They call themselves woke but all they are doing is embracing Marxism.

While we battle these people in an effort to take our country back, Trump still stands at the ready to lead us and isn’t backing down.

The left hates that and is doing all they can to silence Trump and his supporters since they know that by us banding together we can take our country back.

So, this weekend, Trump was planning on holding a rally in Alabama and of course, patriots were excited to be attending.

However, instead of Trump speaking at the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park, the rally was canceled, citing “partisan political concerns,”


Instead of the local GOP in Alabama standing up0 for free speech they bend over and say that the event would be a “partisan political event.”

AL has more on the story:

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey’s administration informed the USS Alabama Battleship Commission that state law “would not bar” a rally featuring former President Donald Trump from occurring July 3 on its grounds.

An Ivey spokeswoman, on Tuesday, confirmed that the governor did not get involved to “prevent a Trump rally” at the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park, a 155-acre state-owned facility that features the World War II battleship, along with a submarine, historic military aircraft, tanks and more.

Ivey, by the nature of her elected office, serves as the honorary chairman of the commission.

“(Ivey) is fully supportive of President Trump and worked closely with him as governor and appreciated his support of our state,” said Gina Maiola, spokeswoman for the governor. “The Battleship Commissioners approached our office out of concern of a statute that says you cannot use state property for political purposes. The governor and her team expressed that the law would not bar this event from happening and encouraged them to seek an opinion from the Attorney General.”

The rally was never advertised nor was it in the planning process. Battleship Park commissioners, since May, had been seeking a legal opinion on whether the rally could occur without legal problems on the park’s grounds.

In the end, the commission, a state agency with members appointed by the governor, ruled the event could be viewed as “partisan” and opted to scuttle the former president’s appearance during the holiday weekend. y.

“I don’t understand why some are making a big issue out of the Battleship’s position,” said Tim Russell, a USS Alabama Battleship commissioner and former Republican probate judge in Baldwin County as well as the former mayor of Foley. “Those Naval ships are not ours. It belongs technically to the U.S. Navy. You cannot go to a Navy base and hold an active rally using governmental property. To me, those aircraft (featured on the property) are on loan from the Department of Defense. I seem to be more concerned about that than some of the non-veterans who don’t understand that issue.”

Is the deep state censoring President Trump’s speech?

Not allowing President Trump to hold a rally on Federal grounds seems like an act of discrimination.

Especially since we are living in a time where free speech is being eroded.

If the USS Alabama weren’t previously used for political events, this wouldn’t seem like a nefarious cancel.

However, NBC15 reported that the state park had been used previously for Rick Santorum in 2012:

NBC 15 News has learned an event featuring former President Donald Trump as the keynote speaker that was being planned for this Saturday at the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park was nixed after park commissioners became wary.

“After the request was made, then there was contact with the Republican Party, they contacted us and then it became apparent that it was going to be a partisan political event, rather than just a patriotic event planned for that evening,” commission chairman Bill Tunnell.

Tunnell says commissioners sought an opinion from the attorney general’s office in late May. NBC 15 News obtained Attorney General Steve Marshall’s June 16th response, which notes their letter was dated May 26th, postmarked June 11th, and received June 14th. “Due to the imminence of the date of the proposed event, my Opinions Division is unable to timely respond with an official position,” Marshall wrote. But he went on in the letter to cite case law that says parks may be used for political events provided access is “available for all political parties and candidates on an equal basis.”

The state park has been used for political events previously. In 2012, presidential hopeful Rick Santorum used the park for a rally.

“Rick Santorum was the, was the straw that broke the camel’s back. And that’s when the commission went to the no partisan politics open to the public,” said Tunnell.

“I’ll be honest, I feel some people just didn’t want it, not just it but President Trump,” said local Tea Party activist Pete Riehm.

Riehm, who was familiar with the behind-the-scenes discussions of the event, says what happened raises free speech concerns.

While the GOP worries about partisan issues, we the people deserve to hear what President Trump has to say.

I am sure President Trump will find a way like he always does to get his message out.

Because NOTHING can stop what’s coming!

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