• September 26, 2022

These 32 Guilty Animals Were Caught Red-Handed!

1. I got hungry…

Guilty Pets EMGN1

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2. Oh, this is just for humans? My bad…

Guilty Pets EMGN2

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3. I wasn’t doing anything…
Guilty Pets EMGN3

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4. I got cold…

Guilty Pets EMGN4

Source: keepbusy.net

5. No, this is just where I hang out.
Guilty Pets EMGN5

Source: madpet.com

6. They’re home! Abort mission! Abort mission!

Guilty Pets EMGN6

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7. I wasn’t gonna take anything…
Guilty Pets EMGN7

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8. I was just picking out something for you to wear, honest!

Guilty Pets EMGN8

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9. We were just playing!
Guilty Pets EMGN9

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10. This isn’t a doggy hot tub?

Guilty Pets EMGN10

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11. You mean this isn’t a toy for me?
Guilty Pets EMGN11

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12. We were just wrestling, I swear!

Guilty Pets EMGN12

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13. What berries?

Guilty Pets EMGN13

Source: cuteoverload.com

14. I’ve been caught! Act innocent…

Guilty Pets EMGN14Source: pbh2.com


15. Can you help me down?

Guilty Pets EMGN15

Source: imgur.com

16. That overturned trash can? Must’ve been the cat…

Guilty Pets EMGN16

Source: reddit.com

17. I just wanted to know if this look works…
Guilty Pets EMGN17

Source: reddit.com

18. I’m just doing it to pay for college, I swear…

Guilty Pets EMGN18

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19. The mail came like this!
Guilty Pets EMGN19

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20. Rocking this look…oh…you’re home…

Guilty Pets EMGN20

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21. The couch has always looked like this, I swear.
Guilty Pets EMGN21

Source: imgur.com

22. I was just watching the fish, promise!

Guilty Pets EMGN22

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23. I thought this is where you kept the catfood…
Guilty Pets EMGN23

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24. It caught me!

Guilty Pets EMGN24

Source: reddit.com

25. I found it like this!
Guilty Pets EMGN25

Source: reddit.com

26. I was just…umm…cleaning…

Guilty Pets EMGN26

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27. What, that? Never seen it before…
Guilty Pets EMGN27

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28. Ohhh, hi.

Guilty Pets EMGN28

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