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These Vintage Advertisements Are Seriously Disturbing & Interesting [PHOTOS]

Here are some old advertising ads that are way out of their element today. Some of them made me cringe. Some are definitely racist and sexist.  But there are some funny ones as well.


I don’t know how they got away with it back then, but it was another time and context is everything, right?

Of course I don’t condone any of it for a second.  I just think it makes for an interesting journey into our past to see how far we have come as a society.

Cocaine Toothache Drops

Pear’s Soap

Again, this is wrong on many different levels. Shows that the pear soap can turn a dark skin into white.

Tasteless Chill Tonic

A disgusting ad with a pig body and human head

The Begining Of Skin Bleaching

YIKES!  Using the N word in an ad about skin bleaching.

Washer & Dryer Machine Ad

Another sexist ad showing a woman doing laundry as the figure to sell a washer & dryer.

The Plucky Little Jap

Back then when Americans called the Japanese, “Japs” which is a very derogatory/taboo’d term nowadays

Kaiser Mustache Trainer


A classic Budweiser ad using women as the main object of display

Camel Cigarettes

A doctor shouldn’t be endorsing cigarettes to begin with…

Aunt Jemima

Another ad for Aunt Jemima’s pancakes.

Health Jolting Chair

An ad of an unusual chair, that supposedly claims to be good for your body nutritionally?

Still Beating Your Wife?

What kind of monster is behind this ad?

Where Women Belong

We’re not really sure what this ad is trying to say, but one this is for sure, women don’t belong on the floor.

There’s Always One Across The Street!

Yup, just like today.. Starbucks chains are EVERYWHERE.

Lux Stockings

Married? There’s no reason to neglect stockings.

This is a computer?

Data Comp computer ad displaying a woman not knowing what the machine is.

Cream Of Wheat

Oh, boy.


A McDonalds ad portraying an African-American family enjoying a meal @ McDonalds.

A Paint Company

An extremely racist paint ad…. picture says it all.

Mild & Smooth

This ad is selling a cigarette brand & portraying a smooth skinned woman in an effort to demonstrate their “Mild & Smooth” slogan.

Iver Johnson Revolver

A gun ad showing a young child holding a revolver to display the fact that an “accidental discharge is impossible”

Post Grape Nuts

A Fat-shaming ad. Portraying the “ideal” size figure for women in attempt to sell a healthy food product.

A Man’s World

An obvious portrayal of male dominance.

A HouseWife’s Guide

A sexist ad with a very sexual orientation on teaching housewives how to play with themselves using household items.


Apparently the message is looking at the whiskey will make a man smile… even for a picture.

The Vanishing American

A racial ad against Native Americans.

$ Million Question

The answer to this question is yes. It is always illegal to kill a woman or a man.

Heavy Duty Cleaner!

Selling a vacuum cleaner with a woman as the spokesperson. Of course this is a blatantly sexist ad that portrays that the housewives are the determined cleaners of the house. But it wasn’t sexist back then when women were the determined cleaners of the house. The only thing that makes it sexist is society has changed over time, so that today it would be sexist if a vacuum cleaner company ran an ad like that.

The Unswitchables

An ad for a cigarettes. Their selling point is that they’ll make you love it so much you’ll never want to stop or switch to another brand!

Jungle Print Shirts

Sexist ad with Jungle woman holding up the man like he’s a King.

Big Mouth

Who doesn’t love an ad with awful humor and sexist undertones?

Joy Stick

Nothing says family entertainment like a sexually suggestive ad. Great Job Sega!

Listerine Antiseptic

The extra careful precaution against Bad breath. “you can lose him in a minute” if you have bad breathe.

A Beauty Mask

This is totally an overkill of an invention.

Sega Game Gear

A funny, but very inappropriate ad for a game console don’t ya think?

Dont Get Middle-Age Skin

Who would have guessed the key to a lasting marriage was Palmolive?

Buy Your Guns

A gun ad showing everyone in the family, yes even children holding rifles… on a cozy holiday greeting card.

Free For Chubbies

They used to use the world “Chubby” so lightly. Call a girl chubby today and you’ll get a black eye.

Little Katie’s Chewing Tabacco

This vintage ad is banned for one clear reason. Using a child as the spokesperson for chewing Tabacco.

If Youtube Existed Before Our Time

Life might be different today.


This is one finger lickin’ main course. Oh the sexual innuendos of using a female’s figure as an object to sell their movie.

A Girl Around The House

Sexism and animal cruelty all in one ad. No amount of explaining that will make this look okay.

Blue Lady

Who knew they had ads for this kind of stuff, or that they needed them.

Drummond Sweaters

Because men are better than women!

General Electric Sink

A racial ad with a black woman as a cleaning lady.

Camel Cigarettes

Santa endorsing camels. A merry christmas for every smoker in town! Ho Ho ho!

Maxwell Coffee

A racial ad with these blacks as servants to the white. Looks like white guys in black face.

General Electric

This ad looks totally irrelevant. A racial ad of a black person eating fried chicken as a spokesman for a cooking stove.

Pear’s Soap

The White Man’s soap teaching you the virtues of cleanliness.

Say “Women Are Irritating” On Demand

An advertisement degrading women and categorizing them as “annoying” while selling aTelevision set targeted towards men. This is COMCAST!

Doctors Love Camels!

The fact that Camel was endorsed by doctors is absolutely ridiculous.

Craven’A Cigarette

Back in the days, they advertised cigarettes as a consumable that is “good” for your throat or even “Doctor’s recommended”.

Don’t Worry! It’s A Safety Razor

An infant with a razor blade… This ad just screams safe!

Winston Cigarettes

Holy crap! A cigarette ad suggesting low birth weight are a target of good health.


Now with extra large snack sack! A very blatant inappropriate ad in an attempt to sell men’s pants.

He’ll go, he’ll go!

All you have to do is cry. Not a lot. Just a little. LOL

Celery – Nature’s toothbrush

YIKES! How on Lucifer’s black beach did they get away with an ad like that?

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