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They Stole a Gun, And You Won’t Believe Who They Tried To Sell It To

The three amigos in this story are the greatest example of why you should not do drugs.  Side effects are reduced IQ, a shrinking of the bank account,  excessive time in prison from doing stupid things like the following:


Three people were arrested in Tulsa last month after they stole an Airsoft gun, only to try to sell it back to the original owner later the same day.  This is your brain, this is your brain on drugs.

Autumn Dommert, 21, Caleb Dommert, 24, and Joey Duncan, 29, were all arrested for knowingly concealing stolen property and other charges.

Police say the trio stole several items, including an Airsoft gun, from a vehicle on Wednesday, March 29. Later that afternoon, the suspects then took the gun to Airsoft Tulsa where they tried to sell it. But the employee at the store recognized the gun as the one that was stolen from him earlier in the day and called the police.  DOH!  Now, what are the odds that you went to a store to sell an item you stole in the neighborhood and the guy working at the store was the guy you stole it from.  These thieves need to find some Jesus in their lives, because smart criminals they are not.

If their IQ were any lower we would have to put them out in the sun and water them thrice a week.

A search of the suspects and the vehicle turned up the rest of the property stolen from the shop employee’s car, as well as a .380-caliber handgun, a .45-caliber pistol, marijuana, and methamphetamine.

At least they’ll get three squares a day for a few years.


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