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This Litter Box Commercial is Funny as Sh##! [VIDEO]

Sometimes when you’re in the process of hunting for a specific item to purchase, all it takes is one commercial or advertisement to really persuade you.


Lots of questions come up when you’re trying to make sure you’re looking at the right item for the best price.

Many questions cross your mind as you try to make sure you get the right product for the right price. It makes a huge difference, too, when you’re on the hunt for an item for your pet.

We treat our pet like our children so, naturally, we want to give them the best of the best!  I mean, who wouldn’t, amIright?

This commercial really knows how to reel in their audience. They are advertising a high-tech litter box for cats and after watching it, I really feel the need to purchase it! (Side note: I don’t even OWN a cat – it was just that good!)


The company is PetSafe and they have a top-of-the-line cat litter box that is causing quite a stir in the feline realm. Apparently with this new litter box, cats are becoming extremely suspicious as to why their feces is so valuable.

This video is a MUST WATCH! I laughed the entire way through it every single time I watched it.

H/T All Cute All The Time

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