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This RINO Took The Stage And IMMEDIATELY Paid For It!

Man, it must suck to know that the people in your own party can’t stand you but what do you expect if you are a RINO, right?

Seriously, these RINOs keep thinking they can lean moderate and side with leftists and still expect to get the conservative vote. Sorry, but not sorry, that is not how any of this works and that was shown last evening at the Trump rally in Arizona.

Arizona Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita from Scottsdale was just booed off the stage as she was warming up the stage for Trump to speak.

Who knows why she was asked to speak considering that she is a RINO but maybe it was just to embarrass her and let her see how the people really feel about her and her policies.

At any rate, you may be asking why was Ugenti-Rita booed off the stage.

Well, she voted AGAINST election integrity.

But not only does she appear to be against election integrity, but she also wants to become Arizona’s next Secretary of State.

And based on the booing, it’s clear that Arizonans want an SoS who takes election security very seriously!

Watch the amazing moment below:


Raw Story confirms that the RINO was booed off the stage:

Arizona state Sen. Michelle Ugenti, who is running in the Republican primary for Secretary of State, received a cold reception at a “Big Lie” rally where Donald Trump is scheduled to speak.

The event, hosted by Turning Point Action, is titled the “Rally to Protect Our Elections.”

Mary Jo Pitzl, reporter for The Arizona Republic, described the scene.

“Boos from the #trumprally crowd drown out Michelle Ugenti as she makes her pitch for AZ Secretary of State. ‘Listen up!’ she says but the crowd ignores here and she cuts her talk short and walks off the stage,” Pitzl reported.

KPNX-TV reporter Brahm Resnik also reported on the event.

“Whoaa. GOP Secretary of State candidate ⁦Michelle Ugenti⁩ is booed off stage at TPUSA rally for Trump. She opposed GOP lawmaker’s wish list for election changes,” Resnik reported. “FYI Trump base crowd was primed to boo Michelle Ugenti. Wasn’t anything she said. Boos rained all over room from start till she bailed out.”

What do you think about this moment? Did she deserve it?

Share your thoughts below!

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