• August 11, 2022

This Video Of A Massive Bogey Getting Removed Is So Horrible [WATCH]

I firmly believe there are two types of people in this world: ones who enjoy watching gross shit happen and those who can’t.

Well, if you’re a part of the first group, let me provide you your daily dose of grossness. This video shows a doctor extracting one of the biggest bogeys I have ever seen. Check it out here:

I don’t even know where to start on this. How the fuck did that stay up there? Could he breathe properly through his nose?

The man in question says, ‘and you wonder why I was uncomfortable’ when that God-awful thing was removed.
Now apparently, it’s not the worst thing on the planet to eat your snot, but only if you’re young. The hygiene hypothesis is the theory that a lack of exposure to infectious agents and other mildly nasty organisms increases a young one’s susceptibility to allergic diseases.

But the theory is widely debated so I wouldn’t race to get your baby to start picking their nose – it can come with health risks such as nose bleeds and nasal infections.

According to HowStuffWorks, bogeys are made up of: “The mucus that lines the nostrils and, along with the tiny hairs known as cilia, protect the lungs from foreign objects such as germs, dust, dirt and pollen. Most of the time, the cilia trap these minute invaders, encapsulate them with mucus and move them out of the nose. Sometimes, however, this mucus becomes gummy and gelatinous – or hard and crusty.”

If you still need some gross videos then we have you covered. Are popping pimples your thing?
Well, enjoy this moment where a loving wife popped her husband’s spot which had been festering for four years.

As you can see, Khristina Powell decided the irritation of seeing that pimple over the last few years had gotten too much and went for it, nails galore.

Husband, Wade, winces (understandably) as the popped spot produces a yellow stream of pus under her brute force.

It’s a three-minute battle, which begins with Mrs Powell getting a good firm grip on the spot, before an explosion of fluid flies out. She then warns him against the smell.

Any pimple popping experience is difficult to face, and Wade can be seen grimacing and groaning during his ordeal.

However, with her eyes firmly on the prize (of a spot-free face), Khristina continues to drain all the pus from his face. After the yellowness has gone, blood follows and can be seen on her fingernails. The butcher.

Mr Powell said of the outcome: “It was an instant relief when it was over.”


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