Three Dozen Dems Just CONFESSED They Don’t Think Feeble Joe Is Fit For Office!

I remember my dad would tell me that when he was in the military that he once spent some time as one of the guys that would have to turn the key if the President ever ordered a nuclear strike.

The thing that always concerned him, he said, is that he never knew that if the time came where he had to turn one for real, if the PResident wasn’t in the middle of a psychotic episode or not.

It’s one of those things that you have to worry about with every person that is President, but when you have a man who is nearly eighty who doesn’t know his left from his right, you have to be even more concerned.

Have Democrats just admitted that they installed a man into the Whitehouse who is not fit for office?

Biden once said that if things ever got tough, he would simply say he got some kind of disease, resign, and hand over power to other far-left radicals. That seems more and more like a strategy and less and less like a joke. Nearly 3 dozen democrats have demanded that Joe Biden relinquish control of the nuclear codes of submission and relinquishing control to radical democrats with perhaps more functioning intellects.

Past presidents have threatened nuclear attacks on other countries or exhibited concerning behavior that cast doubt on their judgment. Read more: -Rep. Jimmy Panetta (@RepJimmyPanetta) February 24, 2021

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The National Pulse Reports: “Vesting one person with this authority entails real risks,” states the 2-page letter from an effort fronted by Rep. Jimmy Panetta and Rep. Ted Lieu.

“Past presidents have threatened to attack other countries with nuclear weapons or exhibited behavior that caused other officials to express concern about the president’s judgment,” the letter adds.

Hinting at potentially sharing the power with Kamala Harris or Nancy Pelosi, Politico summarizes: “they offer a number of alternatives, including requiring other officials in the line of succession, such as the vice president and the speaker of the House – neither of whom can be removed by the president if they disagree – to concur with a launch order.”

…In other words, Democrats have such little faith in their presidential choice that they demand unprecedented measures that would add critical minutes to a competent president’s ability to act quickly in the face of an imminent threat–or, possibly save the world from thermonuclear war because a mentally unstable president is having a dementia episode after falling asleep streaming a Jack Ryan episode.

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