• September 26, 2022

Three Syrian Refugees rape Little Girl At Knife Point



Three Syrian refugees ages 8,10 and 13 raped a little girl in Twin Falls, Idaho.  The three boys forced the mentally challenged little girl into a laundry room, where they raped her and the two younger boys urinated on her on the orders of the thirteen year old because they were too young to ejaculate.    Barack Obama placed 50 Syrian refugees into the area, where residents have made constant complaints against the.  The local liberal media didn’t even cover the story with the exception of KMVT11.  But they failed to identify the boys as Syrian refugees.

The girl’s grandmother found her and called her daughter, who called the police who didn’t show up for over two and a half hours.  At that point it became a problem because of the language problem.  The mother of the three boys could only say, “No Police” and the father was busy congratulating the 13 year old.  The oldest boy recorded the entire assault on his cell phone.  Now, how do you suppose a 13 year old refugee got a cell phone capable of recording a video?

Since all of those involved are underage, the video and all of the other information will be sealed permanently.  The attack occurred on June 2nd but there have been no arrests yet.  The police say they need to investigate thoroughly before deciding to file charges.  Who knew a video of the entire attack wasn’t sufficient?

Angry citizens attended a Twin Falls Council meeting and angrily asked them why nothing has been done about the sexual assault or all of the hit and runs and the complaints filed against Muslims who are spitting on non Muslims.  They also asked how a mosque could be approved in less than 24 hours while it takes someone who wants to build a house 2 weeks just to process the paperwork not including the approval process.  In each case council members pleaded ignorance.  (Personally, I believe them)  One member of the council accused those complaining of being anti-Muslim and white supremacists.


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