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Three Women Go on Trump Sign Stealing Spree But Soon Regret It


Three women in Maine decided to go on a sign stealing spree, ripping off 40 Trump signs, when they looked behind them and saw the law and were arrested.   Elizabeth “Betta” Stothart, Martha Murdick and Heidi Kendrick emulated their idol Hillary “Lock Her Up” Clinton and went on a theft spree.  Like their idol they expected no repercussion or maybe a slap on the wrist if caught.  They were wrong.   David Jones, chairman of the Make Maine Great Again Political Action Committee pressed theft charges against the three women which could result in jail time.


Stothart said:

“We felt assaulted by the number of signs.  The idea of ‘cleansing’ our streets seemed like the fastest way to restore balance and alleviate our election stress — at least, that night it did.” (I call bullshit)

They tried to say there were so many Trump signs, it was “disrespectful”.  Let them tell that to their cell mates, Brunhilda, Butch and “The beast”.  

From The Conservative Tribune:

So, on Oct. 14, they “grabbed about 40 signs and threw them in the hatchback.”

According to Stothart, it didn’t even occur to them that they were stealing someone’s personal property.

At least, not until a police officer caught them in the act, took the signs and their information, and sent them home.

David Jones was informed of the crime and decided to press charges.

To Stothart’s credit, she at least claimed to regret her actions.

“I have a lot of explaining and apologizing to do,” she wrote. “I also have advice for anyone who might be on the verge of doing something stupid. It’s not worth it. Find a healthy way to express your outrage.”

Of course, the outrage in this particular case was that someone had the audacity to proudly show their support for someone she didn’t happen to like, and the healthy thing to do was probably to just get over it.

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