Thug Loses his head after shooting at officers! *Graphic*

Criminals never seem to learn. Time after time they are seen attacking officers with the same results. The criminal ends up dead. If an officer is asking you to do something, trust me, its easier to comply. If your innocent guess what nothing happens. If you get physical you now pose a serious threat to not only the officer but the public as well and they will have to act. Such is the case in Ogden when a known gang member abducted a woman. She went to officers for help and one put the man down before he could hurt anyone else.

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18G92395 Media Update

Chief Watt updating the media following last night's officer involved shooting.

Posted by Ogden Police UT on Saturday, December 1, 2018

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According to Fox13 the alleged kidnapper who was killed by Ogden police officers Friday was identified by officials Saturday, who said he had an extensive criminal history and was wanted in two states.

The Ogden City Police Department said Saturday that Richard (Ricardo) Galvan, 37, was killed Friday night by police officers who were responding to a report of an aggravated kidnapping after a victim approached an officer and asked for help.

The victim gave a description of a person involved in the kidnapping Watt said, who was still in the vicinity.

Officer responded to the area, and a suspect pulled a firearm on the officers “as soon as they were visible,” Watt said. The suspect then opened fire at the officers.

No police officers were hit, but Watt stated that a police car was hit. Two officers returned fire at the suspect, resulting in his death, Watt said.

“We were actually extremely fortunate that there was no one in that area at that time,” Watt said. “It was just one of those lulls in traffic.”

Watt commended the officers who responded to the incident and congratulated the work he said they did in confronting…

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