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Thugess Arrested on 10 Felony Counts Committed in 3 Weeks Since 18th B-Day

Erica Abraham was arrested Florida after committing at least 10 felonies since she turned 18, three weeks ago.  There had been a rash of robberies duriing that time and the investigation, she was nabbed along with her accomplices.



The gang would beat and pepper spray their victims and then rob them while they were in agony.  Their crime spree covered a three county section of Florida and once the  Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties police departments began comparing notes and realized that they were all committed by the same gang.  Their last crime tripped them up after Abraham used a stolen credit card in a store where a former classmate worked, who ID’ed her.

From The US Herald:

The last victim was a senior citizen driving her Hyundai when she noticed she was being followed by a dark Nissan Altima tailgating her and then bumping her hard enough for her to stop and get out of her auto to see if there was any damage done, and that’s when she was attacked.

She was punched and pepper-sprayed in the face, as she fought to keep her car from getting stolen, and then pounced on again as the thugs attempted to steal her handbag, however, surveillance cameras recorded the thieves taking her car.

About 40-minutes after being attacked investigators report that her debit card was used in the amount of $50.87, and then about 2-minutes later another $20,68 in both instances the woman behind the counter recognized Erica Abraham along with the dark sedan as a high school classmate.

Abraham is in custody, being held on a $356k bail.


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