• June 24, 2024

Thugs Run Wild, Storming City Hall In St. Louis

In a fresh action for accountability from the police force, about 100 youths stormed the St. Louis City Hall with banners demanding a civilian review board for all “police shootings” and to stop supplying the force with heavy military equipment.

Another demand had to do with body cameras, so that each encounter between an officer and a suspect can be recorded for future reference.

These events were set in motion after the shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown on August 9, which were followed by months of rioting.

It’s the fourth day of the Ferguson October, which saw hundreds of protesters marching to the suburb’s police station on Monday to protest excessive use of force and police shootings nationwide.

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Meanwhile in St. Louis, three white 15-foot banners with black letters were displayed by the crowd, stating that “We are the people. We have the power”, “Be accountable or be gone” and “Which side are you on.” They made it as far as the foyer of the City Hall. There was a mix of black and white youths.

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