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Tom Brokaw Undercuts Liberals on Judge Gorsuch Nomination [VIDEO]

Just as the lamestream press and congressional democrats are gearing up to fight the nomination of Trump’s choice for the Supreme Court, Judge Gorsuch, they get betrayed by one of their own, Tom Brokaw.


Journalist and winner of a personal Peabody Award for his work, Tom Brokaw, speaks after winning the award in New York May 19, 2014. The Peabody Awards are awarded annually by the University of Georgia to recognize achievement and meritorious public service in television, radio, and on the internet. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson (UNITED STATES - Tags: MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT) - RTR3PWM4


“The fact is that this man has a very distinguished background in the judicial world.  I have friends in the federal judiciary who don’t agree with his philosophy, but say there is not a better judge in the federal circuit right now than him.”

From The Conservative Tribune:

These remarks will no doubt horrify liberals because Brokaw is an iconic member of the mainstream media, and it seems as though he going against the grain by praising Trump’s Supreme Court pick.

It’s a good thing Brokaw is retired from the business because the left would no doubt have excoriated him for coming out in favor of anything Trump decides.

However, his admission speaks volumes about Gorsuch, and it proves that Brokaw is at least sensible enough to put his politics aside and realize Gorsuch is more than qualified for the position.

Most liberals aren’t mature enough do that. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has indicated that Democrats will filibuster Gorsuch’s nomination because the judge is allegedly not mainstream enough, but let’s face it — many Democrats are still irked that Republicans refused to vote on former President Obama’s nominee, Judge Merrick Garland last year and this is their payback.




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