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Tow Truck Driver Goes on Routine Call That’s Anything But Routine [VIDEO]

Tow truck drivers have an important job.  They rescue drivers whose cars break down or get wrecked.  But more or less their jobs are routine.  They jump start cars, change flats, tow cars to a garage and sometimes even brings gas to cars that have run out.


Robert Hooper was on a call to tow the broken down car of Janey Smith, when fate intervened.  Fate is a strange creature.  Why Janey’s car broke down in that particular spot is unknown but what is known is that sometimes bad luck for one person can be good luck for someone else.

As Robert began loading Janey’s car onto his truck, he noticed a wrecked car that had slid down the hill that no one could have seen from the road.  Robert decided to investigate and his heart dropped as he saw a body hanging out the window and he decided he had found a corpse.  Just then he heard a faint but definite groan.


The groan had come from a 23 year old man  who may have fallen asleep while driving and after crossing four lanes of traffic went off the road and slid down the bank.  As I said previously, we do not know why Janey’s car broke down right where it did, but one thing we know for sure is that if Janey didn’t break down, Robert would not have found the young man and by time he was found, he probably would have been dead.  He is in serious condition but doctors believe he will be able to go home in a few days.

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