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Town Gives Store Owner New Name After He Foils 5 Robbery Attempts On His Own

In a scene straight from the movies, a convenience store owner in Cocoa, Florida, has shot at his sixth would-be robber. Sowann Suy has been nicknamed “Clint Eastwood” by regular customers for his no-nonsense approach to dealing with people who have attempted to rob the convenience his store.


In the latest robbery attempt which took place on Wednesday, a would-be thief came into Suy’s store and stole two bottles of beer putting one in each pocket. Suy followed the suspect outside, confronted the man, demanded his beer back, and for good measure fired a warning shot in the air to scare the man off. Afterward, Suy called the police who found the suspect and arrested him.

Suy has been dealing with robbery attempts dating back to 2009 when an armed man came into his store demanding money. In response, Suy shot the robber in the stomach. Police transported the suspect to the hospital where he was saved and then sent off to jail for attempted robbery. Then in 2010, another robber came into Suy’s store demanding cash, but this time Suy did not shoot anyone. The robber got the point and quickly exited the store.

In another instance, three robbers came into Suy’s store, but the trio didn’t count on Suy being ready for them. When one of the robbers, who was wearing a mask and was armed demanded money, Suy shot him right away without warning. The two accomplices saw that their buddy was shot and fled the scene of the crime. The robber who was shot in this incident, Norrick Hyman, survived and received a 20-year prison sentence for armed robbery.

During this most recent incident, Cocoa, Florida police, who are familiar with Sowann Suy, questioned him and did not arrest him. The local police are firmly on Suy’s side and have publicly stated that Suy acted within the law. One would think that other would-be robbers would get the point and leave Suy’s store alone. When being interviewed by the local media, Suy stated, “People are lazy – don’t want to work. They want easy stuff. That’s not right. You live in the United States, should be everybody has to work hard for it. Earn your own money.” Locals and regular customers support Suy, and it appears the convenience store owner has not lost business despite the numerous times he has shot at criminals.

Sowann Suy’s precarious situation and the violent altercations he has encountered highlight the importance of the Second Amendment and local police showing support for citizens not intent on being a victim. Liberals, if they had their way would prefer that Suy not be armed and hand over his money and property. In all likelihood, if he had been shot or killed in any one of the aforementioned incidents, liberals would be sticking up for the robber and not the actual victim.

Mr. Suy touched on a point which is pervasive in the liberal culture. Many liberals have this sense of entitlement, and they have no desire to work hard. They feel that people who have more should give simply because they have more. Working hard, dedication, and earning your keep are not core principles of the liberal philosophy.


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