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Trailer For New Horror Film Causes Movie Screeners to Pass Out [VIDEO]

Recently, the producers of the new horror flick “RAW” about cannibalism was screened by a test audience at the Toronto Film Festival.  Those who saw it, reported that several people passed out and that some even had to seek medical attention.



I don’t know if they screened the trailer you are about to see or whether they showed a longer version.  Either way, this movie about a vegan girl becoming cannibalistic is disturbing.  This is the first ever endeavor of writer/director  Julia Ducournau.

Director Jula Ducournau described her film to Indiewire: ‘I want to hear this particular audience reacting. 

‘I want to see where they will be reacting. I am very curious. 

‘It’s like being judged by my peers, because myself, I am a huge genre and horror buff.’ 

The French film has garnered much acclaim on the festival circuit, winning the FIPRESCI Prize at the Cannes Film Festival in May. 

The film stars Garance Marillier and it will debut on March 10 in the United States after its acquisition by Focus Features.




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