• September 22, 2023

Trans Lifeguard Told To Leave Pool After Exposing Its Breasts To Small Children….

After removing their shirt and showing their breasts in front of dozens of youngsters, a transgender lifeguard candidate at a pool in Jacksonville, Florida was denied. The transgender person, whose identity has not been revealed, is a biological female who has not undergone top surgery to remove her breasts.

The transsexual person was one of 20 candidates, the youngest of whom was 15 years old. They removed their top in front of children and parents using the pool at the Cecil Aquatic Center during a training session.

After receiving a witness complaint, Mayor Lenny Curry issued a statement on the incident.

“Through a citizen expressing concerns, my administration became aware of an incident where a biological female trainee in a lifeguard program was topless at one of our public pools,” said Curry.

“After consideration of the incident, I believe it is wrong for our public pools to be a place where Jacksonville families are forced to explain to their children why a person hired to protect public safety is exposing her breasts,” Curry added.

“I see no reason for our lifeguards to be forced to make changes to existing rules mandating that biological females cover their chests,” he said. “Our parks and public pools are meant to be a place where families can feel safe to enjoy themselves.”

“We shouldn’t force parents of young children to be caught in the crossfire of battles over wokeism.”

Following this encounter, the transgender lifeguard candidate was not hired.

While most parents were probably relieved that the city stood up for their children, not everyone was pleased with the city’s response.


Cielo Sunsarae, executive director and founder of Queer Trans Project, alleged that Curry overreacted to the issue.

“This individual here was coming for a position to protect the children and people at the pool, they came here for one reason and were denied for another reason completely not related to it,” said Sunsarae.

“Kids don’t sexualize breasts, it’s the adults that are making it out bigger than what it is,” he insisted. “What’s the difference if the person had top surgery or not?”


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