• June 13, 2024

Trump Campaign: “Tonight Was A Sad Night For The Democratic Party”

The Donald Trump campaign derided night three of the Democratic National Convention, contending that “instead of dealing with reality,” top Democrats “spoke in cheap, petty terms beneath the dignity of a convention.”

“Tonight was a sad night for the Democratic Party,” Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller said in a statement on Wednesday night. “They offered no solutions for the problems facing America — in fact, they pretended those problems didn’t even exist.”

He added: “They described a vision of America that doesn’t exist for most Americans, including the 70% of Americans who think our country is on the wrong track. Never has a party been so disconnected from what is happening in our world.”

Night three of the DNC featured speeches from Vice President Joe Biden, vice-presidential nominee Tim Kaine, and President Barack Obama. Each slammed Republicans for presenting a dark vision of America during last week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Miller argued that Republicans were simply confronting America’s problems head-on, while Democrats were choosing to ignore them.

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